Korean Beef Brisket & Scallops?

beef brisket and scallops

Jindaegam (진대감) Restaurant Review | Surf ‘n Turf with Kimchi | Kimchi Fried Rice

Are you already bored of Korean BBQ? Try this rare but intense combination of Beef Brisket (차돌박이) and Scallops. It’s light yet buttery. And the array of sharp kimchi pairs perfectly. Throw in an order of samgyeopsal (pork belly) for the midpoint and end with delicious kimchi fried rice crisped to perfection.

Original Samhap Dish — Only for Advanced Diners

This is a twist on the traditional samhap (삼합) dish. The original recipe is sooyook (boiled pork), fermented skate fish (홍어삭힌) and kimchi. Since the original is more than an acquired taste, this version with brisket, scallops and kimchi is much more approachable… and luxe!

Here’s a link to their website: Jindaegam

Here’s the review:


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