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How to Properly Eat Rice with Korean Food

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The art of fine dining at a Korean restaurant starts with mastering the humble bowl of plain white rice. Too many newbies drown their rice with soy sauce or ssamjang and then get strange glances from their Korean friends who have no idea why.

Well, the Seoulite knows why. And he has the solution. It’s because no one taught you how to eat rice. Yes, you actually have to learn how to eat it as a base in your mouth that blends the flavors of any combination of other tasty morsels you put in.

The mistake behind your instinct to flavor ‘bland rice’ is because you’re eating rice by itself. That stems from Western eating habits where you consume one flavor at a time. One bite. Swallow. Next flavor. Swallow.

A Korean meal table offers almost unlimited vectors of flavor combinations and plain rice is the base that mixes and extends these flavors in your mouth!

You’re supposed to mix different foods as you’re chewing. Your Korean friends probably just assumed you had ‘weird Western tastes’. But really, it’s because they never stopped to teach you how to eat rice. Well, in this video, lemme help you out Koreaboo.


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