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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Smart Money CL | She Can Tie a Cherry and Balance a Budget

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Does CL have the independence and creative control of a YouTuber while possessing the production value and prestige of a K-pop label artist? Apparently so! Her two latest music videos released on her YouTube channel suggest she’s found a sweet spot to create her own artistic path. She’s created video art in her music videos that outshine any music YouTuber. Yet, her videos are more agile and less costly than over-polished K-pop studio productions, which means she’s faster to market and more responsive than big label artists. Could we see a new business model in the works where musicians can create more music videos for their albums?

She can control the timeline of her release. Drop the production costs. And boost the frequency. She’s essentially got a monopoly and a big moat on the new pop artist space. She’s an expensive YouTuber or a scrappy label artist. Right in the sweet spot where she can deliver value by outcompeting YouTubers who don’t have her budget and label artists who take too long to come out with overpriced music videos that strain the profit margins of their albums.

Watch the video below:

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