Can We Please Tame Grocery Prices in Korea?


The Bank of Korea projects that consumer inflation will rise faster in the next two years due to higher rents and an economic recovery. It’s great that Korea is among the project Asian nations to emerge quickly out of the coronavirus recession. But could we please not have grocery prices rise any further?

What are some ways to beat high prices at the grocery store? Look online for grocery deals like Coupang for non perishables and Coupang Fresh for perishable items. A lot of the items will be delivered to your door the next day. Also, you can order overseas food products directly from, which has competitive prices and fast delivery times. But the real pro move is to get on Naver blogs where you can order directly from farmers. Fresh oysters delivered from Korea’s East Coast for a song! Fruits and vegetables that are organic and higher quality at half the price. And unique snacks, sauces, oils, fish & other animal products can be ordered too.

I love how one of the commenters in the video below said he wanted to buy groceries in India and sell them in Korea for a quick profit. This YouTuber alternates between Hindi and English. It’s cool to watch and most of her reviews of the groceries are in English.


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