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Thursday, March 4, 2021
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How to Wear Converse to Say “I’m Not Cool”

It's a blase style that puts comfort first and casual strain on the wallet second. Strategic use of Converse at work or at play...

How to Stop Anti-Asian American Hate Crimes

The 1,900% rise in anti-Asian American hate crimes now has a narrative on national mainstream media, which of course comes as a shock. But...

Apple to Launch Second Store in Korea ‘Soon’

It's been over three years since Apple opened an official store in Korea back in January 2018.

The Most Expensive Fruit Mukbang | ASMR

Want to taste the most expensive fruit in the world? Why are Korean Lunar New Year and Chuseok gifts so expensive? This video starts...

Korean Food for Beginners – Old School Tin Lunchbox

Are you an absolute newbie to Korean food? Here's a recipe that you can make with almost no cooking skills. It's the old school tin...

Korean Business Etiquette Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know

Go elsewhere to read up on how to shake hands, bow, address people by their proper titles, or exchange gifts. If you're non-Korean, you're...

Why Apple would be Dumb to Pass on Hyundai-Kia Deal

So is Hyundai-Kia going to manufacture the Apple Car, or no? Over the past month, the best clues came from tracking the wild swings in...

Fall Asleep While Laughing to ASMR Hair Shop Ajumma

Do you find you're scrolling through too many ASMR videos that are creepy, depressing or too sexual when you just want to fall asleep...

Why Covid is Like an Airborne STD

"Condoms" are more important than tests right now The core of America's backward response to the coronavirus may not be Trump or anti-maskers. It might...

If Joshua Had to Go, Why Can’t Trump?

Twenty-four-year-old democracy activist Joshua Wong is currently serving a 13.5 month prison sentence for his role in 'inciting a siege' at the police headquarters...

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