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Tuesday, December 7, 2021


To All Who Visit, The Seoulite was founded by Sean Lim, a native of Los Angeles, who was educated at Stanford University, came of age in San Francisco and is currently up to good trouble in Seoul, South Korea. He was a broadcast journalist for KBS World, Arirang News, TBS eFM and EBS until he found out the hard way that there was little justice in the justice system after he sued the Korean government over corruption in the media. The Seoulite is a continuation of the Asian American activist voice but spoken from alchemy that merges American minority identity with mother country majority power. In its lighter form, The Seoulite is your honest guide to what real Koreans won’t tell you – a useful peek into the Korean mindset for expats and fans of K-culture. At the heart you’ll find a pursuit for the wisdom that comes from the hyphenated space. We invite you to come with us on a global exchange of ideas. For the common good against tyranny. New thoughts. New world. Sincerely, Sean