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Monthly Archives: July, 2020

How to Win Against Karens

By now we've all seen video evidence that 'Karens' are a pandemic older than the coronavirus. But instead of infecting our biology, 'Karens' invade...

Why Korean Convenience Stores Deserve a Michelin Star

You can come close to one of your average at-home meals at the convenience store and it's available 24 hours a day. Want ramen,...

How to Eat Pig’s Feet or Trotters

Don't be caught unaware when you tag along a drinking crew and you end up with pigs feet in front of you. Pigs feet,...

Seoul Mayor’s Suicide Sends Message: Laws are to be Manipulated

Before anyone thinks of characterizing the tragic suicide of Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon in a 'hot-tempered Korean' narrative, keep in mind there was...

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